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Drupal Website Application

Enabling Digital reporting through NSW State of Environment


Decentralised Digital Reporting

The platform acts as a facilitator of complex decentralised collaboration between several different NSW agencies


Multi year report versioning

The platform maintains versions of different years of the report which can be viewed and compared side by side


Built with Drupal and Bootstrap

The mammoth platform is built in Drupal 8 with styling in Bootstrap 4


NSW State of Environment report is produced by EPA and tabled in parliament every 3 years after rigorous scientific and academic reviews. The report highlights the changes in the major environmental resources in NSW called themes


  • The report is produced by a collective effort of several NSW Public agencies as it spans various aspects of environments and climate.
  • The platform has a comprehensive workflow process ensuring that the participating agencies are reviewing the content and that the tone is similar across various sections.
  • The report is significantly text-heavy, so a lot of attention was paid towards ensuring that it is user friendly and provides an amazing experience across all devices


The platform is built in Drupal 8 with robust workflow capabilities, drag and drop components, media library, powerful editorial capabilities, floating navigations, interactive charts and, data-driven infographics. The frontend is built in Bootstrap 4 and meets WCAG2.1 AA compliance  


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