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Asbestos in NSW
Drupal Website

A one stop shop for all things Asbestos in Drupal 9


NSW Design System

Fully compliant with NSW Design System


Drupal 9

First NSW Government website to be launched in Drupal 9


Atomic designs and living styleguide

Follows the principles of atomic and component based design


The NSW EPA is the lead agency for asbestos coordination in NSW. Coordination covers activities across multiple government departments and all aspects of asbestos management, from the identification of asbestos, management of it, to removal and disposal. This website has been developed as the single source of information for Asbestos in NSW that is factual and easy to access by those requiring information about asbestos.


NSW government embarked on a journey with Switchcase to understand and educate the citizens about various aspects of Asbestos. The biggest challenge was understanding our customer personas and to become a leading resource of everything asbestos from information on removal and disposal to finding licensed testing centers, removalists, and assessors throughout Australia.


We worked collaboratively and brought various public and private organisations to develop a platform where users can find all the information. Several APIs have been developed and integrated to use the data from other agencies. The website went live during Asbestos week and is a major milestone in NSW Government strategy to combat Asbestos usage.

The site is the first one across NSW Government to be built with the latest version of Drupal - Drupal 9 and using the NSW Digital Design System.

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